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Web Design Resources

Website Usability

What is the one single thing that really matter in a website? True, good design is a key aspect to attract people, but that does not necessarily translate into business. Apart from good design, there are two important aspects to a successful web site:
1 Content
2 Rich UI experience

1 Content:
When we talk about content for a website, we do not merely mean the text. We mean the information the content delivers, and the way in it is presented. Let's face it, the competition is stiff. And merely having a good design is no more sufficient. Web users are notorious for having little patience. If an user does not see the information he / she wants in about 5 seconds, chances are they will go to a website that does.

2 Rich UI Experience:
The second most important thing that and user wants to see is natural and logical flow of information. Take the case of Amazon, eBay or goggle. One of the reasons all these sites are successful is because they give the user exactly what they want. The user does not have to scratch his head and wonder what to next. We hope you have noticed the distinction here - though loaded with graphics, eBay and Amazon are full of RELEVANT information, and serve the needs of a buyer. Google is uncluttered, as the site owners know that when they come to Google, they want to enter a keyword. The bottom line is that these sites give a user exactly what they want.

Thus if your website is to act as a marketing tool, you must ensure that:

1 You know exactly what your target audience wants, and make available the information to them fast
2 Once they locate the information, decide what you want them to do (sending you a mail, calling you up, clicking to play a video, etc.) and allow them to take this action easily.
3 The content is relevant and stresses important information like your competitive edge, your USP and so on.
4. Have a nice website design to complement this all!