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Web Design Resources

Small Company Website

The Internet has been around for many years now, and is gaining foothold in remote areas too. However, a question that is still asked by a small company is: “Why do we need a website?”

Reasons for Not Having a Website
There are many reasons which the company owner feels are valid for not needing a website. .
Some of them include.
  • We cannot sell our products / services online.
  • Our customers are regular, and they know what we design / manufacture.
  • Our end customer is not at all tech savvy. We are sure they will not even take a look at our website, even if the design is good.
  • Our products / services are such that we do not need a website to sell
  • We have enough sales people who do telemarketing for us.
Reasons for Having a Website
It is important to note that a website is your silent sales person for your company. As it is available for reference 24 x 7, it improves your reach. Whatever you manufacture / design / provide, a website provides a means whereby customers can check specifications online first before bothering to call you / send you an email

Even if an entrepreneur thinks his products or services cannot be sold online, there is still a need to have a good website in place.

With a website in place, your existing customers, potential customers, business partners and even potential employees can get an overview of your business. It is thus an avenue to start relationship with potential clients. One advantage of being on the internet is that it does not matter whether you are a 2 employee company or a 1000 employee. As long as your company has a well designed website, you are at par with every other company that is online. It is thus important to have a professional website in place.

The Net has reached a lot many people than you think. Even in remote places, access to the Internet is improving drastically. Thus, more and more potential customers have an access to the internet than ever. Further, with a good website in place, the burden on your sales people is reduced as the detailed information about what your company does resides on the website. You can have a nice FAQs in place that will answer most common queries your customers might have. The cost of creating a well designed website too has come down in recent years. Thus, even if you think from any angle, it is essential to have an online presence in today’s world.