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Web Design Resources

Website Redesigning

Like all things in life, even a website has a life span. There are three major reasons to change the design of your existing website:

1. It looks obsolete design wise.
This is one of the major reasons that people redesign their website. Styles and trends change. With Web 2.0 just around the corner, there is a sea change in the way sites are designed. In the early days of the web, rotating logos, dark colors and abundant use of images was the order of the day. The emphasis was on artistic jugglery, rather than the actual content. However, as the internet became mature, the emphasis has shifted to content. Light, subtle colors are in.

2. The existing content and link structure is obsolete
As companies grow or shift their business focus, it becomes imperative for them to change the content and modify links. This is the second important reasons that people their website. While some designs are flexible, it becomes unwieldy after some time to keep on adding links. In such cases, it is time to opt for a website redesign.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO)
SEO is one more factor people redesign their website. With the competition hotting up, every tiny bit counts. The introduction of CSS and table less HTML gives an opportunity to reduce the code. Since a majority of today's websites still use tables, it is useful to redesign the website if you are going in for optimization.

4. To give a new look and feel
For some companies that use their websites as an important marketing tool, it is essential to change the look and feel once in a while, so that they don't look stale to the user. In such cases, the reason for redesigning is not because the earlier site looks obsolete; it is merely to impart freshness to the design.