Other Services

UI Design
User Interface Design basically means how appealing the look and feel of a website / product is. A good UI is an important aspect of rich user experience.

Simply put, usability means how easy your website or products are to use and navigate. Like independent testing of web sites, web applications and software products, it is taken very seriously today. However, there are very few companies who have qualified staff to analyze and technically assess usability. At Ojaswi Tech, we have senior designers who have completed Usability courses from reputed institutes that handle this crucial aspect of web designing.

Multimedia Presentations
Ojaswi Tech is adept at making stunning free running / interactive multimedia presentations replete with audio and special music. Multimedia presentations are frequently required by companies to showcase their expertise in an attractive format.

Joomla and Drupal Development
Joomla! and Drupal are open source CMS tools. If you want to customize your site using either of these tools, we can develop the websites for you.

Hosting Services
We provide hosting service to our clients on our dedicated server. Since we host only our clients’ websites, we are in a position to monitor them properly. This minimizes spam and other web applications / website hosting related issues.