Web Design Resources

Web Design Resources

Search Engine Do’s

Relevant keyword-rich content is very important while remaining ethical in your approach and not resorting to stuffing your content with keywords. Writing informative and useful content should be your main priority. It is also important to keep refreshing your content so that the users keep coming back for more. Develop your keyword strategy by researching the most relevant (and most searched for) keywords or keyword phrases before you even begin building your site for maximum results.
Make sure your Web site is usability-friendly. Your site should be quick to load, clean, appealing, and easy to navigate.

Web pages should be easily accessible to visitors. Users should be able to access all your content-rich pages but it is equally important for search engine spiders to find all your content. It is advisable to create a site map. It is an informative and easy way to assist visitors search engine spiders
Implement a link popularity strategy on your Web site. Link popularity should be an integral component of your search engine optimization strategy. A link popularity campaign can greatly enhance your search engine ranking potential. The more quality internal, outbound and inbound links you have, the better.

Choosing the right Webhost
For all the above reasons it is essential that you choose the right webhosting service provider who provides you with quality services and follows ethical means. There are many webhosting service providers who charge enormous fees yet are not capable of giving good results. Therefore analyzing the rates is also important. On the other hand there are webhosts who do not charge much and are still capable of proving quality services.

After search engine optimization and submission of your Web site, you will see your listing on most search engines in just three days. However it may take anywhere from 30-60 days to achieve high ranking due to the time it takes for search engine spiders to properly index your site. To achieve a good ranking it simply takes time and is and out of any SEO and is a measure beyond any search engine optimization and Submission Company’s control.