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Choosing Proper Domain Names

A domain name is the first key to a successful website. Once you type something like www.yourdomainname.com, it gets translated into the IP address of the company where you have hosted the site. For example, the name www.ojaswitech.com resolves to the IP Browsers do not understand alphabets; they understand IP addresses.

Domain Names and SEO
While domain names per se do not make a significant impact in a search engine optimization strategy, there are certain factors that can make a small difference. 

1. Search engines treat domain names as a single word. Hence, it is better to go for a domain name called abc-india.com rather than abcinida.com if you intend to optimize the site.
2. Google provides a facility whereby you can choose the country for which a domain name is intended. Thus, if your target audience is in India, it is better to go in for a domain name like www.abc-india.co.in or www.abc-india.in rather than a .com name. 
3. The age of a domain name is one of the most important parameters for optimization of a website. Google especially gives high priority to a domain name that is old. Thus, given a choice between a 1 year old domain name like www.abc-india.com and a 10 year old domain named www.abcinida.com, it might make be better to opt for the latter domain name rather than the former.

Apart from SEO considerations, there are a few criteria that should be used in choosing a domain name:
  • It should reflect what your company does or provide. For example, ameyaengineers.com
  • It should be short, but not so short as to be obscure. If your company name is 
  • It should be easy to spell
  • It should be memorable
A good domain can:
  • Achieve separation from your competitors
  • Create positive and lasting engagement with your audience
  • Be unforgettable
  • Be a precursor to your company services or products
If you are serious about website optimization, it is better to seek the advice of a professional SEO company before finalizing a domain name for your company.