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About Pune

Pune is the eight largest city of India and one of its most important IT hubs. It is known by many sobriquets - a few popular being Oxford of the East (because of a huge number of educational institutes in the city), Detroit of India (because of a large number of auto manufacturers in Pune), etc.

History of Pune
Pune has a history that dates back to about 1000 years. Archeological evidence indicates that the Rashtrkootas dynasty ruled Pune at about 758-768 A.D. Later, it was ruled by the Yadav's. pune came to fore with the emergence of the great Marathi warrior king -Shivaji. It was Shivaji who built his empire from Pune.

Pune - Geographical Facts
Area: About 140 sq km.
Population: More than 3.8 million.
Altitude: 559 m above mean sea leve.l
Transportation: Local as well as private transport available easily.
Festivals: The Pune Festival, the Shaniwarwada Dance Festival, Ganesh Chaturti.
Languages Spoken: Marathi, Hindi, English.

Pune Today:
Pune today is one of the leading cities in India. It is a blend of rich heritage and modernization. Pune boasts of a number of educational institutes in India like the National Defense Academy, IUCAA, NCL, FTII, and is a host to
Leading software companies like Infosys, Satyam, IBM, Wipro, etc. Pune's proximity to Mumbai, coupled with its temperate climate, make Pune an ideal choice for living / business. Pune city has the largest green coverage among any Indian city - about 40%.
The Ganapati festival celebrated yearly, called the Pune Festival, has made its mark on the tourist map of India.

Software exports from Pune have increased from Rs. 80 million in 1994-95 to more than Rs. 15,000 million in 2008. Pune is one of the major IT hubs of India, and a home to many web design companies.